Beautiful area around Kyklopas in Greece


Here is the final part of my visit in March 2023 to Kyklopas and its beautiful area in Greece. Kyklopas is truly situated in a historical and nature-rich area of Greece!

Samotraki Island
The beautiful Samotraki Island is floating like a “huge whale” in the turquoise waters of the North Aegean Sea. In summer the blue waters and long white-sanded coasts are irresistible.

Samotraki Island and North Aegean sea


The Cyclops cave near Kyklopas
Here is the cave where a giant one-eyed cyclops lived. It is a magic place over the blue waters, surrounded by herbs and laurel trees. Near here passed the ancient Via Egnatia road connecting Rome with Asia.


The coast line near Kyklopas

It is well known that olive trees radiate positive energy. I believe this energy lures me to visit year after year their enchanting olive yard and regain power. Here everyone is welcome.

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